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Restore Old Photos By Doing What The Camera Can't

We restore old photos and help create memories at All Media Restoration. Perhaps you have a family photo that is missing someone for one reason or another.  Maybe they were on vacation, or on a sabbatical.  Whatever the reason, if you need to add to a professional photo, we are the company for you.  We can add a beloved pet, or any other item of your choosing and make it look as though they were right there with you for the photo shoot.  Impossible you say?  Well, perhaps for others but not for All Media Restoration.  Let us show you how we restore old photos and make them better than the original.  

Photo Additions & Changes

Here's The Scenario

Let's suppose that a client sends in a photo of the family, as pictured to the right. The image comes in a glossy 8 by 10 picture of the family, along with another image of the dog. Of course they could have sent digital copies of the images as well but for this example, we'll pretend they sent the actual photos to us.

The picture of the dog is of a different size and image quality.  We are immidiately faced with the following challenges.

  1. Finding a way to add the dog into the family photo and maintain shadow, perspective and highlight integrity.
  2. Maintaining or creating the same pixel resolution for the two images so that they do not look artificial or fake.  
  3. Creating an end product that is seamless and looks as though it was the original photograph.
photo manipulation example of family without dogphoto manipulation image of scotty dog

Now Look At The Results 

From This...

restore old photos image of family of five on grass
Blue 3d arrow pointing right

To This!

restore old photos image of family with dog added

Manipulation and Augmentation

In this example, the customer wanted someone removed from the image and another person added in her place.  On the right you can see the original photo and the person needing to be added in.  

Original Image

old photo of family needing restoration

Image To Be Added

image of girl with dark hair

The first task was to combine all the images in the correct way.  We created the final version in black and white because there was so much color degradation in the original images.  After manipulating the original photo, check out the end result.  

Now Look At The Results 

From This...

old photo restoration of family before image
blue 3d arrow
blue 3d arrow

To This!

Old photo of family restored with girl added
image of operator answering calls

What Are You Waiting For?  

Why not call today, we can answer any questions you have and help you through the process of getting started.  

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