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Full Restoration Services

We Offer Full Photo Restoration Services

At All Media Restoration, when we say "Full Photo Restoration Services" we mean it. Here are some examples of what we are talking about.

Missing Sections Restoration

full photo restoration services example 1
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It takes some thinking outside of the box, and some flexibility on the customer's part, but yes in most cases we can restore an old photo that is missing a piece. Of Course, it is always best if you have all the pieces so that we can put them back together, but if not, we can work our magic.

Severe Photo Damage

photo restoration of soldier before
photo restoration os soldier after
This is an example of some severe photo damage and what really sets us apart from other restoration companies. We never employ third party artificial intelligence software to do our photo restoration work. It's all done by trained graphic artists who know how to restore your image. Sure, we use the latest digital image innovations, but the actual work is done by hand.

Over or Under Exposed

under exposed photo restoration before
under exposed restoration 2

It doesn't always work, sometimes there is not enough color differentiation in an under exposed image to pull out the necessary detail for the restoration. Amazingly, more often than not, we can create a usable restoration copy from which we can restore the image. That's why we ask you to send us your image, so we can work our magic. 

Oversized Images

Over sized photo restoration1
Oversized photo restoration 2

No matter how big the project is, we can probably handle it.  Well, there are limits to everything, but we've tackled some pretty big projects.  It's a lot more work and expense, but in the end the final product is breathtaking.  

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