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Canvas Painting Repair

Can My Canvas Painting Be Repaired?

Yes, it is possible to restore cracked, faded and ripped canvas based paintings.  Of course it depends on the damage, that's why we need to view and evaluate the painting before we commit to the restoration. 

However, we have had great success in bringing back the youth and vitality of great canvas paintings beit oil, acrylic or other mediums.  
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Here's How It Works!

Arrange For Your Work To Be Evaluated

Ideally, we would like to view the canvas painting first hand.  It is also desirable that you be present during this evaluation, so that we can explain the issues posed by the damage to your painting.  

However, we understand that this is simply not possible in many situations due to the painting being in a different state or other similar obstacles.  If this is the case, we ask that you take a clear photograph of the painting taking into account the following factors:

  • Make sure that there is adequate and well distributed light so that the damage is clearly visible.  
  • Make sure to include the full painting in the image.  If multiple pictures are needed that is fine.  
  • Provide the actual size dimensions, either as an additional note or in the actual photograph, letting us know the size of the painting to be restored.  
  • Be aware that eventually, we will need to have the actual painting to complete the restoration.  Shipping & handling of the painting is an additional cost and will be included in the final restoration bill.  
  • You can upload your photos of the painting using the link provided to the right.  

The Canvas Painting Evaluation Process

The evaluation process entails many steps. 

  1. First we must ascertain the viability of the canvas painting repair project itself to determine if it can withstand the restoration process.  In most cases this is not a problem, however, in situations where the painting is very old or has been stored in less than ideal conditions, it's restorable possibility might be tenable.  
  2. Determining the Medium.  We have to determine the medium used to create the painting in order to match it as closely as possible.  
  3. Extent Of Repairs Needed.  We must evaluate the extent of restoration needed to bring the painting back to original condition.  Often this requires re-painting areas to recreate the original image.  If rips and scratches exist, we calculate the extent of the damage and the associated cost to repair.  


Final Estimate For Your Canvas Painting Repair Final Estimate 

Our final estimate is the most you can expect to pay for your canvas painting repair restoration.  We consider the costs carefully so that there won't be any unpleasant surprises.  Of course there are additional options that can be added, but you will be the one to add those if you so desire.  You can rest assured that our final estimate is all you will pay, plus any shipping and handling fees required to get you your finished restoration. 

And that's it.   

canvas painting repair estimator working with client

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