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Use this form as often as you like.  You can upload your images to be restored by using our upload system below.  

Having Problems?

If you have any problems uploading your images or if you just want to check to see if we received them, please contact us by calling:

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What To Know Before You Complete Our Form

1. Successful Media Restoration Depends On Information

It's true.  Media Restoration truly does begin with information. We receive hundreds of photo restoration requests every month. Keeping all the images organized is a difficult job. You can make that task easier by simply following our easy submission requirements. Before you upload your images, take some time to organize them with image titles that indicate exactly what the image is.  See the Example Below:

Incorrect Image Identification

108454858_6458848_125 8558_659854216548.jpg

Correct Image Identification

rjones-grandmother-black and white.jpg

In the correct example, the image has the submitter first initial and last name.  It also references which picture it is of the set submitted. It also references whether it is a Slide, black & white or color image.  By submitting your images in this way, you ensure they will not get lost or incorrectly filed.   


2. Use form as often as you like

As long as your name one each submission, you can use this form to submit as many images as you like.  They will be received with your information and added to your existing file.  Failing to complete the top section... well you can't.  That's rather the point now isn't it.  

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