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Photo Restoration Time!

Gather Those Old Photos and Slides

old wedding photo
color restored photograph of wedding photo

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About Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is something everyone needs.  Everyone has a box somewhere full of old photos they have accumulated over the years.  Perhaps they are black and white or sepia tone photos that need photo restoration services, or maybe a favorite heirloom photo that you'd like to have made into a frameable wall hanging.  


Now you can have those old photographs brought to life.  It's an amazing experience when you see an old photograph presented in full color and vibrance.  It's almost as if the subject of the picture is being resurrected right in front of your eyes.  We can make that dream a reality, for a cost that you can afford.  

black and white image of army man crouching
Restored photograph of army man crouching

Our Photo Restoration Restores Memories

We take photo restoration seriously.  It's not just an old photograph to us, we view each and every image as if we were bringing the past back to life.  Each image represents a life, a story, a relationship, and most importantly it represents a memory treasured by those who know and care. 

All Media Restoration was born out of a keen love for preserving heritage; our own as well as others who feel the same way.  There is a special thrill that occurs when you look at a beloved ancestor and then miraculously see them transformed in front of your eyes into a full color incarnation of the memory of them that you treasure.  

black and white unrestored image of woman
Restored photograph colorization of woman

Some of The Services We Offer

unrestored image of old couple
photo restoration of old couple

Basic Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is a complex process and as such can be quite time consuming.  That is why we offer various levels of service.  If all you need is to have worn photographs brought back to the condition they were in when new, then our basic restoration service is for you.  

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detail colorization before image
detail colorization after image

Detail Colorization

Detail Colorization is much more than splashing around some color.  We recreate details like, jewelry, military badges, pins and decorations with actual digital copies of the originals.  Eyes are added from actual digital 3D models.  It's as close to real as it gets.  

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Repair & Coloration

Repair and coloration of photographs takes patience, time and a keen eye.  We can fix rips, tears and even disembodied images (provided we receive all the parts). Actually, if you don't mind some artistic license, we can even fix some photos that are missing small sections.  If we can't do anything, you won't be charged.  We're here to help. 

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Man and wife image
restored photo with son added

Photo Augmentation

Photo Augmentation is where the real fun is.  If a loved one was out of the country when you had a photo taken, we can add them back in, as if they were not even gone in the first place.  Think of the possibilities.  Let's see a camera do that!

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What's The Process

While we would love to give you a simple breakdown of the steps we take to restore your precious memories, the truth is, it really depends on the project we are working on.  Our toolbox has hundreds of specialized techniques and years of experience that we avail ourselves of, when we tackle your special project.  That being said, we have put together a short video to give you an idea of what is entailed in the most basic of our restoration processes.  

If you would like to get started with your personal restoration, simply click the button below and you will be guided through the various steps necessary to get your media shipped to us safely, and begin your restoration journey.  

Let's Get Social Y'all

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